Of all types of vehicle collisions, those involving motorcycles are often amongst the most severe. Whether a motorcycle is used for its low cost of personal transportation or as a recreational vehicle, they pose an incredible risk to the rider. A motorcyclist has very little protection if involved in a collision with a drunk driver or distracted motorist compared to a driver in a passenger vehicle or commercial truck, and they are much more vulnerable to receiving life-threatening or catastrophic injuries as a result.

Common injuries in motorcycle collisions:

In the unfortunate event of a motorcycle crash, the rider can suffer from road rash, head injuries, fractures, severe neck or back injuries, crush injuries, brain damage and death. A motorcyclist involved in a crash is exceptionally likely to have costly medical bills and longer recovery times, which can leave the victim drowning in debt even after they have healed. When the crash and any injuries are the result of another driver’s negligence or reckless behavior, you deserve to be adequately compensated for your suffering and other related expenses. If a death occurs as a result of the accident, a wrongful death lawsuit may be the way to seek justice.  An Attorney from Viper Law Group can discuss how to protect your rights at a free consultation.

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